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Updated: Sep 25, 2018

What is classy casual dining? At Rachel's classy casual means excellent food, ambiance, and service without being stuffy or pretentious. You can dress up and make us part of a great date night, an evening out with friends, or walk in with your family for a relaxed dinner. Rachel's combines elegance and warmth in a unique way.

Owner, Chun Siev preparing for sushi night

What To Expect

We are a classy restaurant with out being fussy, overly formal, or intimidating. Our clientele is lively, and our staff is down to earth. Our dining room is beautiful, but we’re not speaking in hushed tones and rushing to scrape the crumbs off your tablecloth. Our bar is inviting and our heated patio is a place you can hang out for hours in comfort. We are a spot with a unique relaxed charm. We are always great for special occasions. But we’re also perfect for every day. Here’s what classy casual dining Rachel's style means to us:

Top-Notch Food

The class in classy casual comes from a number of factors—and at the top of the list is (very simply) great food. Fresh ingredients prepared with care and a menu that’s a mix of long-standing favorites and innovative new dishes create the top-notch food experience.

Rachel’s Owner Chun Siev has been creating new dished for over 20 years, known for his attention to quality and bringing exciting Asian style flavors to traditional American dishes. Siev knows his customers—and their favorite dishes– but is constantly looking to improve and innovate. The Siev's offer a wide-ranging menu so you can splurge for a special occasion or keep it simple with a relaxed weeknight meal. At Rachel's, classy casual means quality, exciting cuisine that doesn’t necessarily come with a big price tag.


Reasonable Prices

Folks who get a look at our gorgeous dining area and innovative menu are often surprised at how reasonable our prices are. Our lunch menu is priced very competitively with nearby local lunch spots– and even with fast casual choices. Our dinner menu ranges from gentle splurge to solid bargain depending on where you want to go with it. We offer everything from Rib-eye steak for a special dinner out to fun, contemporary casual dinner entrees that won’t break the bank like beer battered fish and chips. Our big salads, with tasty proteins like steak, salmon or chicken are also big hits with the casual dinner crowd.

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Attentive Service

Since opening Rachel's more than 20 years ago, we have been family owned and operated. Our low staff turnover and a dedicated team in both the front and back of the house mean both excellent food and excellent service. Rachel's takes a unique approach to table service. We encourage our staff to work as a team and help each other as much as possible. This means you might have multiple servers helping you through out the course of your meal, or even have a manager bring you drinks or deliver your food, but we work to ensure all of our customers need are taken care of quickly. The quality of our service—always warm and never stiff—is one of the most important accolades we get from our diners. We work to make sure our staff is educated, accommodating friendly, and this contributes to the warm, relaxed vibe inside.

Inviting Ambiance

Take a look on Yelp and you’ll see plenty of raves about our restaurant. Patrons love our heated patio—and our gorgeous bar with the beautiful warm woods. At Rachel's, classy casual means you can order a beer and a burger or fish and chips and yet still have the pleasure of dining with friends or loved ones in an elegant setting. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Classy Casual Dining - Rachel's Style

We think we’ve got the classy casual thing nailed down, and we invite you to come check it out for yourself. Wear a suit and tie, wear a dress and heels, wear jeans, wear shorts. We have a unique and amazing ability to make you feel welcome, at ease and like you’re in exactly the right place.

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