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Rachel's has been family owned and operated since we opened in 1998. We are a classy- casual restaurant that is perfect for every occasion. Our goal is to create food that combines new and interesting flavors with classic family recipes. At Rachel's, we have a strong commitment to high quality service and great food at reasonable prices. We have daily lunch and dinner specials so stop in and check us out!

Rachel's News

As March is right around the corner,  the next holiday collection is now available for pre-order! Like February, the Shamrock Collection  will feature a special edition crewneck and mug! 

Shamrock Collection Pre-Order now available!

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Bad Axe Film now out on Hulu!!!! 

Filmed and directed by their son, David Siev, Bad Axe provides an inside look at the family as they try to "keep the restaurant and the American dream alive in the face of the pandemic, Neo-Nazis, and generational scars from the Killing Fields." The film has been featured across multiple film festivals over the past year as well as recently making the Oscars Shortlist for Best Documentary Feature! We appreciate your continued support of the restaurant and for letting us share our story.

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"One of the few restaurants I can recommend wholeheartedly to most everyone. The food is simply amazing and the staff have been friendly and helpful. The cost is well worth the value of the food that you get and I would encourage people to try the southwest bowl. It's my favorite thing in the world. Food is consistently good. Not everyone can do this well." -Google

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